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Hello Friends and fellow readers of Bangla Choti golpo, Indian sex stories and Erotic Sex stories. We are back with another story about Indiradebi’s friend – Rupadebi’s sexual adventure. Here she tries to get fucked by numerous other men and her relatives. bangla choti golpo.

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“Ogo suncho, I heard a noise downstairs,” Rupadebi said shaking her..

Bangla Choti golpo Chudir – Sensual Journey of Indiradebi – Nude scenes in film

husband. “What, bhul sunecho, go back to sleep,” Rajatbabu said

rolling over. “there, I heard it again, go check it out.” “OK, I’m going,”

Rajatbabu getting out of bed and heading down the stairs. “OH Shit,” Suddenly Rajatbabu was grabbed from behind, a hand over his mouth and a gun stuck in his face.

“Don’t say a word,” the man said. “Honey, what is it?”his wife yelled. “tell her it is nothing, tell her to come down,” the man with the gun said pushing the gun into his nose. “What the hell?” Rupadebi cried as she was grabbed from behind. “I know you very well, your wife is the famous Bengalee actress ,” The man holding Rupadebi asked. “Yes,I have come here for a film shooting ,” Rupadebi nervously said.

Bangla Choti Golpo > Bhaiponta – Indiradebi’s Sensual journey begins

“Is there anybody else in the house?” another man asked. “Yes my son and bouma are sleeping downstairs , please don’t hurt them.” Rupadebi cried. “We will get them,” two of the men said heading up the stairs.

“OK son, rise, and shine,” the man said as he grabbed Rupadebi’s son Raju clamping a hand over his mouth and showing him a gun. “We are going to go downstairs, if you try anything we will shoot your parents, you understand?” All the 25-year-old film actor could do was nod his head that he understood.

“Wake up your wife ,” a man said pulling the covers off of the 24 yrs famous celeb waking her up. “What, who are you?” Rituparna asked, confused trying to wake up. “We are your blind fans Rituji, ” a man holding a large gun said laughing,

“Fuck, what are we going to do now?” One of the men said looking at the family sitting in the living room. Rajatbabu was sitting in a recliner in just his pajama , Rupadebi was sitting in a chair across from him in a loosen maxi holding her arms tight across her large breast. Raju, was sitting on the couch in a pajama giving the men the evil eye and Rituparna , the glamour queen Bengalee actress was sitting on the love seat in a nighty.

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“We have come here to fulfil our long cherished dream,” the leader said laughing.

“OK, listen up. We are going to have some fun and we are going to record it all. If anybody calls the cops we will make sure that this video
gets’s sent to media which will shatter your filmy career and reputation. Any questions?” the leader asked. “NO, good, now Rupadebi, since you are the most sexiest, you go first” “what do you want me to do?” She asked.

“Stand up and strip,” the man said laughing pointing the camcorder at her. “I couldn’t” she cried. “Please Rupadebi , either you strip or we shoot your husband,” one of the men said pointing his gun at Rajatbabu.

“OK, please don’t hurt us,” Rupadebi said as she took off her maxi.

“Damn, look at those hooters,” one of the men said looking at a perfect pair of DD tits. “Your mother looks pretty good doesn’t she,” One of the men asked Raju noticing him staring at his mother’s breast.

Bangla Choti golpo – Great Tolly Celebs – Part 3

“OK Rajatbabu, your turn, get the pajama off now” “What do you think, is your Sasur’s cock big enough ?” They asked Rituparna laughing,
“Raju , you’re next and yes, remove your pajama . Oh! what a lovely cock,” the leader said.

“Look at that cock, it’s like a nigro penis ” one of the men said laughing at the 11 inches standing straight up.

“Looks to me like he really likes his respected mother here.”

“OK little Rituparna, now it is your turn.”

“Oh please leave her alone, she is just 4 months pregnant .” Rupadebi pleaded.

“Rituparna , do you want me to shoot your Sasur ?”

“NO” Rituparna cried.

“Then get your clothes off now,” the leader said pointing the camcorder at her.

“Wow, look at those big apples,”one of them said.

“Man those are just begging to be sucked,” another man said.

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