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Then my busty wife suddenly thought about what would she wear to his shop tonight? Now that she was at the mall, she should get something hot to wear this evening.

She decided to get something sexy, something hot that would get his attention. Something that’d tell him what kind of attention she wanted. That kind of thinking led her into the short skirts section. And then the top had to match the skirt.

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In her bed room, she looked at the two tiny pieces of clothing she had bought laid out on her bed. The top was a halter, not much bigger than a bra, one string strap tying behind her neck and one on her back.

That’d leave almost all her back exposed. The top was tight and did not cover her full 36C tits completely, a very generous amount of cleavage was available in the middle where a diamond broach (it looked like diamond) was holding the two cups together.

The skirt was equally slutty, uneven flared hem, silky just like the top, the maximum length was 8 inches but it varied going to as less as 6 inches on her left thigh.

On her left thigh a similar diamond-looking pin/broach was scrunching top half of the skirt, making a triangular naked area on her upper thigh and making the hem of the short skirt 2 inches higher.

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Nitu took care to take a nice bath and then apply creams to her skin, so that her exposed skin would not only look nice but also feel nice. She shaved her armpits and her pussy.

Then applied an expensive, seductive perfume, around her armpits, near her tits, and also around her bald, soft, bare pussy.

She surveyed the effect after wearing the tiny top and skirt, and the tiniest, small thong she could find.

It was necessary also because of the bare patch in the skirt, normal panties would show.

She wore 5″ high heeled open toed shoes. The heels were pencil style, the platform clear and the straps that tied around her calves were white.

As she stood before the long mirror, she could feel her body charged with horniness.

Maybe it was the effect of the clothes and dress up, or the anticipation of what she was going to do, but as she lifted her skirt, she could see a quite bit wet patch on the thong already.

Busty Wife Fucked Part 2- Tailor fucks my wife

She looked and felt very naked, so she picked up a long coat that covered her down to her knees.

She closed the coat and walked out to her car before she could lose the nerve to do it.

She parked the car in front of the tailor shop and sat there trying to get up her nerve.

She could feel her thong completely soaked in her pussy juices.

She lifted her skirt and took off the soggy thong, leaving it on the passenger seat. Taking some face tissues from the dashboard, she wiped her wet pussy as much as she could.

She thought about leaving the coat also there in the car, but decided to keep it for now.

Nitu picked up the sequin cloth that she had bought, from the back seat and started walking carefully to the tailor shop.

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Her heels were making a click-clack noise on the road and she could feel cool evening breeze entering her skirt and tickling her bare pussy, despite the long coat.

She stepped into the shop and as usual bells rang but today even this sound made her heart beat faster with excitement as she knew this would bring Raj.

“Hello Ma’aam.” Raj smiled at her, looking pleased to see her back so soon. “I am afraid your suit it not ready yet.”

“Oh, you can call me Nitu”, she smiled her charming smile, her heart was pounding but her words were surprisingly coherent and in control, “No, I have come for another thing. I want you to stitch a dress for me, I have a party to go to this month.” She offered him the sequin cloth.

He took the cloth, felt it in his fingers and told her, “Sure, let me know what kinda dress you want and I’ll have it ready for you.”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you as you take the measurements.” Her heartbeat was increasing every minute.

“Oh, but I already have your measurements. From the suit, remember?”

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